Implementation Related Components (*)

Message Content Inventories
Service Level Agreement 3 regulates Sending and Receiving Parties implementing messages as defined within MCI's.
A Sending Party has some MCI-Implementation in status : unknown / not available / available in test / available (Orange / Green / Gold) (*) / replaced.
A Receiving Party has some (available) MCI-Implementation in status : unknown / not validated / validated.
The final word is in the hands of the Brokers, who declare a status : unknown / objected / ratified.

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Each Party is a Sender and is a Receiver... Do not forget to take a look at both sides of the picture.

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(*) Implementations receive a Orange / Green / Gold label:
Orange : this is an extremely minimalistic implementation where only mandatory information is given.
Green : this is an intermediate implementation where not only the mandatory information is given.
Gold : this is an nice and complete implementation of what the MCI stands for.